Medical Practice Content Creation 

The largest problem we see when we take over content for a client is the level of writing.  Not that is is poorly written, but that it is written by a doctor or other medical professional.  The rule in online content creation is writing it to a 9th grade level.  You must always remember, that not everyone understands your field the way you do.  We understand this because we started out where your patients are now.  We know what it is like to search for something brand new, and extremely important.  Bridging the gap between overly medical and sales based is what we excel at. 

Mixing Medical and Sales Content - It's an Art

Understanding the mine set and what needs to be said on a page is is not as simple as you may think.  MD Media's writers only write within the medical verticals, however, they come from a marketing copy background.  This means, they can illustrate the key medical points about your service offering, while still making it fun and enticing the site visitor to make a phone call or request information. 

Blog and evergreen content

A website in the areas of medical practice should have both an article section and a blog section to their website.  The article section is the area of the site where you provide evergreen content.  Evergreen content is content that never fades in need.  For example, "What is no pain dentistry?" or "Is my mother ready for a nursing home?" or, "Am I an alcoholic?".  These are all phrases that people search each month, when they are starting their search or are in the middle of their search.  You want to ensure you provide this content to your readership as it helps build your brand, and can drive additional traffic to the website. 

The blog content is up to date information on the industry.  New procedures, new insurance issues, governmental policy changes, etc.  Use your blog to discuss what is happening in the space at least once a week.  This content is not only ready by your visitors, but it also is read by Google.  The more new content on the site for Google to index, the better off you will be. 

Content Management Service

Our content management service allows you to leave the content to the professional writers, while you focus on your business.  Our content team will come up with monthly blogging and article ideas.  We will then write this content, edit it, ensure it is SEO approved, and place it on your website.  Your involvement will be minimal, after the first month as we need to ensure we understand the practice's thoughts on specific topics.  This will ensure a universal voice on the site.  

I tried to run my own blog, but as a CEO, I don’t have the time to run my practice and write well thought out blogs. When we brought MD Media in, we were very happy with the quality of the content, and how well it is doing on our social platforms.
— Tim C. - Owner of an Arizona Plastic Surgery Center