Dental Marketing Online

In today's world, dental professionals like yourself face more and more competition, and many times, this competition is a much larger company with a much larger marketing budget. So, how does a local dentist, endodontist or orthodontist compete with the larger companies? The answer is simple: you work with the agency that has worked with those large companies.

The M.D. Media team has previously worked with some of the largest service-based healthcare companies in the United States. We know what they do to overtake a local market, and we can combat that on your behalf.  

As a dental marketing company, we have years of experience in both SEO and Paid Search, as well as the knowledge of how to leverage social media to generate not only new customers, but engage past customers for referrals and return cleanings and treatment.

Dental internet marketing is split into three areas of focus: Organic Traffic (Search Engines), Paid Traffic (paying search engines and other online sources), and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.). In order to be effective long-term in your online marketing, you need to invest in your organic results through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  

Dental SEO 

When people need a service, specifically a medical service, they go to a search engine for answers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of telling Google, Yahoo, and Bing that your website is the most relevant based on what was searched. Google's job is to provide the best and most relevant result for their searcher. Our job is to ensure that you, not your competitors, are the best option when someone searches for dental services in your city or town. 

Dental Paid Search Management 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is done through the search engines.  If you Google the term "Dentist near me," you are likely to see paid advertising in the first four positions. These are noted by a small green box that reads "ad." These listings are placed there based on their personal bid for each click. The average amount a dental professional will pay per click is $8.30. This goes up or down based on location and practice area. For example, oral surgery is most expensive based on the high value of each patient. The same is said for pediatric dentists.  

Our very first step in preparing your dental paid search plan is to identify your most lucrative patient. For many dentists, the focus is on children's dental marketing. The reason is that the lifetime value of a child is much higher than that of an adult who can change dentists. Most parents look for someone their child likes, and that is the dentist for that child for their life. Once we identify this demographic, we build landing pages that are designed to speak to that specific demographic. This increases your conversion rate. Finally, after we launch, we review clicks and costs every hour and build graphs to ensure we are targeting the right market at the right time.  

M.D. Media's dental marketing offering uses Paid Search as a bridge to organic results. This means we don't want you to spend any more money than you have to in Google. We use paid search while the SEO is maturing. Then, once we are getting organic results for you through SEO, we reduce the paid search and start to save you money.

To learn more about our dental marketing services, please give us a call. We can review your current process and your goals then provide you with a strategy to increase leads and patients. 

We started our new practice and within 5 months, M.D. Media had us ranking in the top 3 for local searches. They also managed our Adwords and Facebook spend to help drive clients immediately. This increased the number of calls we received and helped us build our client base.
— Anthony W. Nashville, TN Dental Practice