Senior Living Marketing Agency

The marketing of a senior living community is vastly different than that of any other service or product. Although the highly competitive nature of the industry is similar to the treatment space, the value of each resident is much greater in senior care. High competition means increased costs within all marketing channels. M.D. Media became one of the top healthcare marketing agencies in the United States by focusing strictly on every facet of medical marketing. We understand what your competition is doing and more importantly, how to counteract those efforts to position your center in front of your target audience at the right time.   

Senior Living SEO

Loved ones are searching for senior living facilities every day. In fact, according to Google, more than 100,000 people search each month for senior living options. With such large search volume, investing in your local organic search is critical. M.D. Media's Local and National SEO campaigns will target the people searching for homes and place you in front of them during the critical stages. Organic SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will get you into the local results for your city as well as in other cities you would like to target. This increases your leads and your occupancy rate. 

Paid Search for Senior Living Facilities 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is paying the search engine to show your website for specific search terms. Unlike SEO, which does not charge you for each site visitor, paid search does. Each visitor who clicks on your ad costs you a specific amount of money.  It is done on a bidding system, so those facilities that bid more for each click will likely get more traffic.  

The key to a proper paid search campaign is conversion. Does the site visitor pick up the phone? If the answer is no, then you eliminate that keyword or lower your bid for that keyword. M.D. Media's PPC management relies on our background in senior living marketing to build a strategic campaign based on your target geography. This includes building landing pages for each demographic we are targeting, which will increase your conversion rate. Our goal is to get your conversion rate as high as possible, while lowering your spend on paid ads.  

Paid and Organic Review

If you are currently using a marketing agency but are not seeing the results you desire, give us a call. We are happy to review your campaigns and provide an honest opinion of what is possible. This service is 100% free and will help you understand if working with a true senior living marketing agency is worth the investment.