3 Marketing Tactics That Work For Addiction Centers

With the increasingly-competitive landscape of addiction treatment and the practices that offer these services, it can be difficult to get noticed by the particular audience that you want to reach. Focused marketing tactics that increase your brand's recognition, as well as its status as an ethical expert and professional within the industry, are crucial to its success. 

1. Highlight Your Practice's Unique Characteristics

Known as a company's unique selling proposition (USP) in the marketing industry, this term simply means the angle of your practice that sets it apart from its competition. While not every marketing message that is delivered by your addiction treatment practice needs to trumpet this USP, it should still figure prominently on your website, social media accounts and other marketing techniques. Of course, your particular answers as far as your USP will vary according to what your practice focuses on. Some ideas to get you started thinking include the following: 

  • niche treatments such as art therapy or nature therapy
  • a focus on a particular segment of the population such as those of a specific faith, adolescents or males over the age of 18
  • the credentials of your clinicians surpass others in the area or within your niche
  • a practice that is highly rated by a diverse base such as doctors, patients and insurance companies

2. Create a Blog

Building connections is vital to the success of an addiction treatment practices. These facilities are in a unique position. They have find ways to reach out to those people who will directly benefit from their services -- including those individuals who are simply seeking out information as well as people who are ready to get help for their addictions right away. In addition, they also need to connect with those who are indirectly affected such as family members and friends.

A blog is an ideal format from which to launch ideas, information and assistance that can translate to building those connections. Some ideas for blog topics for addiction treatment practices include:

  • signs that a person needs help with their substance use
  • treatment options available
  • how family and friends can support their loved one during recovery

3. Create an Engaging Website 

Your addiction treatment practice needs to have an informative and engaging website that exudes professionalism. Some crucial elements that help make it more appealing to visitors include:

  • images of both your practice's building and the professional staff
  • images of your residential center (spend some money on these)
  • information about the payment methods and insurances accepted
  • the clinicians' credentials
  • testimonials and/or referrals from patients
  • a mobile-friendly web design
  • a compelling call to action

Your practice specializes in addiction treatment so you should turn to marketing professionals that focus on delivering results for this industry. Not only will you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your practice is being marketed using the best practices in the industry, you'll be able to focus more clearly on the work that you do best. A healthcare marketing agency customizes your addiction treatment practices' strategy to meet your goals.