10 Reasons Plastic Surgery is Thriving

According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans spent over $16 billion in 2016 on minimally invasive procedures and cosmetic plastic surgeries.  This huge amount of money is overwhelming evidence of the love affair Americans have always had with looking good—as well as with admiring those who look good.  This also explains the intense competition we are seeing in the ways of marketing a plastic surgery center. 

Plastic surgery, though, isn’t just about vanity—it’s about feeling good about oneself, feeling confident and making the most out of life. It’s about losing weight quickly (liposuction), enhancing faulty noses, fixing trauma-damaged skin, etc.


--Plastic surgery, unlike the other segments of American medicine, comfortably conforms to an open-market, capitalistic system; whereas regular doctors rarely advertise, compete for “business” or charge prices according to market demands, plastic surgeons do all of the above, which is why they often make more money than regular doctors.

--The segment of society of people over 50 years old is growing by leaps and bounds; all these aging folks, especially if they depend on their appearance for their livelihood (e.g., actors/actresses, journalists, musicians, models, etc.), will continue to turn to plastic surgery for years to come for wrinkle treatments (Botox), age spot & skin disfigurement removal, etc.

--Sex-reconfiguration surgery and surgery to improve or fix hitherto-ignored sex organ problems is expected to continue to do very well as plastic surgery below the waist gains more and more momentum.

--Plastic surgeons can often perform “miracles” that regular surgeons simply aren’t trained to perform, assuming they would even want to attempt the often complicated, risky procedures, including reconstructive surgery after severe trauma incidents.

--More than ever, appearance matters . . . people know that the better we  look, the better a chance to find employment, find a suitable mate, etc.; like it or not, good-looking people get treated better in society.

--Plastic surgery is a well-known self-perception and personal confidence booster . . . as much, in fact, as psychotherapy, medications, etc. 

--Plastic surgery has become more affordable; in fact, it’s no longer viewed as an option only for the rich.

--There are many ways to fund plastic surgery . . . meaning that anyone that wants such a procedure will generally find a way to pay for it.

--A plastic surgery procedure will easily pay for itself, if it leads to promotions, getting hired, getting a part in a movie or a play, or simply becoming more popular, better-liked and better received.

--Having always been in love with Hollywood, sports and the music industry, Americans will always do what they can to be like the stars and celebrities they adore and want to emulate in every way possible; plastic surgery can give people some aspects of these dreams and aspirations



There is no question that plastic surgery will continue to be both popular and well-needed not only for aesthetics but as a legitimate and very important medical tool. 

Accordingly, this is an area of medicine that students still in medical schools should seriously consider, if being financially successful (not just medically important) is one of their over-all career goals