5 Ways to Get Clients for your Addiction Treatment Facility

Looking to add clients to your addiction treatment facility? Soon after getting started, you’ll learn it takes planning and strategy. Depending on the program, turnover is high. That shouldn’t stop your business in its tracks. Options are still limitless for filling rooms. Start with these five ways to get clients for your addiction treatment facility.

Strategic digital marketing

Digital web sources have restricted ad coverage for substance abuse treatment. Use other methods to boost your web presence. Make sure you have a professional, well-designed website. Include a blog to share more about your expertise. List your addiction treatment center on Google My Business. Use white hat SEO marketing or hire a professional. Be selective with using social media.

Addiction is a touchy subject that won’t be suitable for some social media outlets. Many people use social media to step away from reality. One social media platform that will work well is LinkedIn. It’s where the professionals go to share their business and work history. The right connections can open doors to increasing clients. Take advantage of LinkedIn tools like groups and blogging directly on their site.

Good old fashioned advertisement

Even with the digital takeover, traditional ads still work. It depends on your strategy and budget. Look into billboards in your target market areas. Have a small amount flyers printed for events. Radio still has a strong audience with strategic advertisement programs. Television commercials can also catch prospect’s attention. Choose ad time slots around television programs related to your services. 

Referral programs for addicts

Work with court systems and court referral programs. These offices deal with those suffering from substance abuse all the time. In traffic courts and domestic violence cases, many defendants need addiction treatment. Some traffic programs can’t give addiction treatment due to conflicts of interest. If you form a relationship with these  programs, they may use you as a source for treatment. 

Work with counselors and psychiatrists

Counselors and psychiatrists help people with mental and emotional problems. Through discussions, they help find the root of problems. Getting to a solution is also part of their services. During that time, they may discover addiction problems. Counseling sessions are confidential, but they can recommend treatment. Build alliances with these counselors. Supply them with flyers and resources from your addiction treatment facility.

Get involved in the community

Sometimes it takes putting your boots on the ground. In a business like addiction treatment, people need to know who you are. You must establish relationships to get to the clients. That takes making face-to-face connections at arranged and impromptu events. Sign up for volunteer programs. Work with non-profits in your community. Go to mixers, networking events, and health fairs. Once people trust your reputation, they’ll start recommending your business.

Let’s face it. People aren’t exactly beating down the door for addiction treatment. It’s not a glamorous business, but it can be a successful one. You’re helping people and that should be your focus. In all areas of your marketing and advertising, focus on why clients need you. Tell how clients benefited from going through your program. Talk about what makes your addiction treatment facility different.