What Your Online Reputation Means To Business

The continued success of your business depends on maintaining a good reputation. According to a recent survey of customer satisfaction, trust is the second most important factor in a consumer’s decision to buy. Customers that lose trust in your message, image, or ability to deliver will take their business to your competitors.

Modern shoppers searching for dental professionals, plastic surgeons, or addiction treatment services usually begin their research online. Here are some ways to make sure your customers always see the most accurate and favorable information about your business.

Do Your Own Research

Start by finding out what others are saying about you. Plug your business name into any search engine. Read reviews others may have left on Yelp and similar review sites. You are allowed to respond to comments about your services. Thank reviewers for positive comments and offer to contact dissatisfied customers in order to address their issue. Responding to online reviews proves that customer service is a priority for your operation.

Be sure to correct any inaccurate or outdated information you find on your physical location and contact numbers. You want to know that customers can reach you easily, no matter how they come across your name.

Create an Official Online Presence

Take control of your image by creating a website that offers reputable and useful information. Include descriptions of services, estimated pricing, and other product-related data that consumers look for when considering a purchase. Add a blog with informational posts about subjects related to your practice.

Social media is a vital part of your online presence. Concentrate on one or two outlets. Make sure to add links to your main website on all of your social website pages. Update your online content frequently and consistently. You should interact with all of your social media pages at least once a week.

Separate Your Personal Life from Business

Your family vacation photos don’t belong on your business pages. You may think your regular clients would love to see a picture of your new grandbaby or your family’s Christmas gathering. However, connecting personal information with your business can be dangerous. Hackers and other cybercriminals comb business sites regularly for clues they can use to steal your sensitive data. Only share personal details on your private pages.

Hire a Reputation Management Company

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Your business name may get confused with a similarly named competitor with less overall customer satisfaction. News of legal actions may leak onto social media. Or you may simply not have the time or interest in running your business’ online reputation. A professional reputation management company can help keep your brand’s image positive and profitable. They will do the work of managing profiles, responding to general online complaints, and correcting negative or inaccurate entries.

Ask for Reviews

Ask your clients to leave reviews online about the service they receive. You may want to offer incentives like a free t-shirt or a small discount on future services. Most customers are happy to give their opinion!

Controlling your business’ online reputation ensures that your brand’s message is clearly presented to potential customers.