5 Innovative Service Solutions to Set Your Dental Practice Apart

You may spend a lot of money marketing your dental practice, yet not all patients look forward to their dental visits.  A large part of your marketing's success is based on total value of a patient, which requires return visitors. So you need solutions that make dental maintenance more attractive. Processes are always changing and so is technology. In the dental industry, it's no exception. If you need new ways to make dental visits more comfortable for patients, look at these five ways dental practices are streamlining the process.

Better cavity protection

X-ray advances have helped with detecting cavities sooner. Digital x-rays work like digital cameras to take pictures of the patients' mouth. Dental staff can even save the photos to compare them at a later date. There's also the diode laser for cavity protection and the CariVu that works with x-rays to detect decay in between teeth sooner. These improvements can help save patients from future tooth and gum problems. 

Improved dental treatment

Several upgrades and tools have rolled out to give patients a healthy, more beautiful smile. The CAD/CAM Technology shortened the process of creating caps and crowns. With this technology, dentists won't have to make moldings and ship them off to get their product. They can make what they need right in the office. Lasers have also improved gum disease treatment. Now the process works to rebuild and reverse bone and tissue problems.

Thinner veneers, better dental implants, and improved bonding/filling materials help patients build their confidence by giving them better looking teeth. Thinner veneers help patients preserve more of their real tooth. They fit better without making severe adjustments. Since the implants have improved to last years longer, patients won’t return as often for replacements. Upgraded bonding and fillings material also looks more natural than before.

Expanding communication options

While some patients prefer an old fashioned phone call, increasing millennial markets demand less talking and more texts, emails, and chat. They want to get to the point and they want it done quickly. Using email and text messages to confirm appointments will put you on the right path to solve patient problems quickly and easily. Adding variety to communication will also help appointment retention.

Updating the booking process

You should also have an online appointment booking software programmed into your website (and if you don't have a website, you're definitely behind in the game). Some calendars even merge with social media platforms to allow booking right from their sites. Online booking means less work for your staff and an easier process for clients. You can also throw in a chat feature to quickly answer questions with the click of a button. 

Cloud-based practice management systems

Joining the cloud means a huge transformation for your business. As your practice grows, you're able to store digital pictures, patient profiles, and even charts right in the cloud. This means no need for oodles of storage on your end. A good cloud-based software company will make sure you don't even need to be connected to a server. This paperless system saves time and money for the dental practice and clients.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with all the changes. Upgrades are an adjustment for you and your staff. Decide what’s most important for your business right now. It could be replacing a piece of outdated equipment. Maybe for your organization, the focus is updating information systems. Just take gradual steps using these innovative solutions to grow your dental practice and keep loyal patients.