Opening A Treatment Center

Opening and running an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center normally require two main pieces of information that many investors either forget or choose to ignore. First, there is a need to learn how you can legally open the rehab center. Secondly, you should be in a position to ensure that it remains open and profitable. Many people who choose to open a rehab center often do so without having a good marketing plan that they can rely on. And this is what causes a majority of them to fail since they expect people just to show up. But this needs not be the case. You can use the following tips to open and run a successful drug rehab center:

Conduct a Feasibility Study

Your very first step should involve commissioning a feasibility study. The purpose of a feasibility study is to assist you in determining what the people in your locality need. This is a phase where you get to make a decision on the kind of rehabilitation center that you would like to operate.

“Type” refers to the kind and level of treatment that would be on offer. For instance, are you planning to open a full continuum care center? Continuum care centers provide IOP, PHP, residential inpatient, and detox. Or, are you interested in running a residential or simple IOP center?

These are important considerations during this particular phase as they will make it possible to understand what the local people require. This may involve looking into the number of facilities that are already present. It would not make sense to open a drug rehab center in an already saturated area.


Operating and running a rehab center can be equated to opening a private medical practice. You will need to be properly licensed before you can start operating in this addiction area. You need to do this through consultation with local authorities. Be sure to look into zoning issues as well.

A larger part of the licensing phase will mainly be taken up by the Policy and Procedures manual. A licensing board has to review your proposal for the treatment center as well as how it will serve the community. You need to square this with your consultant or medical director, or else, your proposal may be rejected.

Have Your Business Plan

All businesses require a business plan. Prepare your pro-forma and business plan in advance. The pro-forma helps in estimating expenditures, expected revenue, and billable income. This is the point where you will really need to focus on the marketing budget.

Personnel and Training Requirements

The drug recovery industry is not very different from other industries. You need to have personnel that will help create a good experience for the patients. Some of the personnel you require will include:

  • Executive personnel (Executive director and Medical director)
  • Clerical personnel
  • Medical personnel
  • Intake personnel
  • Administrators
  • Janitorial workers
  • Caseworkers

Joint Commission and Accreditations CARF

Accreditations from The Joint Commission or CARF are very valuable. Many insurance companies will require these accreditations before working with you. The insurers will not pay for their patients if you are not accredited.

But all these will be for nothing if you do not have a great marketing plan. Your drug rehab center should invest in the brand as well as in Organic Search. Organic Search involves the use of Bing, Yahoo, and Google, which means that you need to have a website in place. It is the only way you can start spreading the word about your services.