5 Email Marketing Tips for Dentists

The truth is that nobody likes going to a dentist unless it’s necessary. Most people tend to have a selective memory and second-thoughts when it comes to scheduling their bi-annual checkups. However, building trust with your patients plays a significant role in bringing them back to your clinic for either preventive care or other oral needs.


One of the best ways of making your patients your patients visit you regularly is by building trust with them and constantly reminding them that their smiles are essential. Email marketing will help you achieve this goal and push your practice forward.

Showing yourself in your patient’s email inbox with specific information related to their needs and interests will make them schedule their next visit. Here are the top five email marketing tips for you.

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile Devices

Today, almost three-quarters of email messages are opened on mobile devices. If your target patient must zoom their mobile screens in and out to view your content, then there is a good chance that your email will be deleted instantly. Nobody is willing to go through emails that aren't mobile-friendly when they are supposed to be attending to other things as well.

You should also keep in mind that mobile screens are much smaller than those of laptops and desktop computers. So, make sure that your subject is short and clear so that they show everything when viewed on the smaller screens.

Personalize Your Messages

Don’t think that a mass email sent to all of your patients without a personalized greeting line will be opened by the recipients and if it’s opened, the patient won’t even bother reading the content. Always refer to the patient by their names when sending your emails. This makes them believe that the email was specifically meant for him/her and she will be keen to read the content and then take action.

Talk to them about their specific needs and interests in the email body and direct them to take a particular action at the end. You should also try to segment your contact lists to tailor messages to different patient groups such as those under extensive cavity repair or pediatric patients.

Provide Useful and Shareable Content

Although your website or blog may offer you the opportunity to explain the basics of your practice in detail, email marketing is different since it requires an advanced level of finesse.

You must impress with your content if you want to maximize your efforts. Keep in mind that you have little time to inform your patients and explain what you want them to do. Most people will be perusing through your emails in a hurry, and if they discover that your content isn't helpful, they simply delete the email and move on.

Make Your Campaign Consistent

If you’re running an email marketing campaign, then you have to make it consistent to increase your conversion rate. For instance, if you decide to implement a monthly newsletter, make sure that you always sent out your newsletter on a specific date of the month. Always stick to a regular schedule.

Make Use of a Captivating Subject Line

The first point of contact is always the subject line. If it doesn’t impress, the patient may not read the content under it. Your subject line should sum up what is in the email body. For instance, if you're using the word "sale" in your subject line, make sure that your content has some information talking about sales. Keep it short and simple and keep in mind that capitalizing all words on it is unnecessary.