How Social Media Influences Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity by the day, and one primary cause for this hype is the widespread growth of social media. The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery recently conducted a poll on the influence of social media on plastic surgery, and the results were interesting. Plastic surgeons are experiencing a 30 percent rise in the number of clients interested in cosmetic surgery through social media. Let’s look at how social media influences plastic surgery practice and what makes it an important part of any electrive surgery marketing plan. 

Selfies and Self-Love

In this digital age, you can’t escape the selfie craze. Posting selfies on your social media pages is not only a fun way to showcase your events but also a constant reminder of your appearance. Selfies help us remember and notice any wrinkles, turkey necks, and not so bikini bodies we may have. Many people seeking plastic surgery are actually inspired by the appealing looks they want to portray online.

Some of the plastic surgery procedures that enjoy a huge boost from social media selfies include rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and hair transplants. Each of these procedures is capable of rejuvenating your appearance while also addressing your specific cosmetic concerns.

Image Altering Apps

Instagram filters have similarly surged cosmetic surgery trend. Some patients enhance their looks on Instagram using favorite filters and then proceed to replicate the look through plastic surgery. So, rather than bring in a celebrity photo as an example, you can simply use an Instagram image of yourself to show the surgeon your favorite angle. Of course, every patient is aware of what features they like in their appearance.

Sharing the Good News

People use social media platforms to share their life. Most individuals who have successfully undergone plastic surgery often post pictures of their looks before and after the cosmetic procedure. Others blog about going for a Botox or Dysport, or post tweets about their planned breast augmentation procedures. With social media, plastic surgery is now something to showcase as both males and females make decisions about their looks and are proud of it.

Checking Surgeon’s Reputation

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon is not something you want to experiment with. Social media has transformed the way people shop for surgeons by looking through online reviews. Patients have the opportunity to hear both the positive and negative reviews of each surgeon before making a decision. It’s even becoming better as many celebrities share their cosmetic surgery journey with surgeon’s interviews, so you know exactly who did it and the challenges they had to overcome.

Cosmetic surgery is a great way to enhance your looks, but it’s important to note that it isn’t right for everyone, especially those looking to improve their appearance for all the wrong reasons. However, with a good aesthetic and reconstructive surgery specialist, you can realize your full potential through cosmetic surgery. Social media has and will forever make its mark on plastic surgery, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a great tool that helps patients to embrace themselves more positively and empowers people from all walks of life to make changes they want in their bodies.