Why Addiction Treatment Centers Need Healthcare Marketers

Addiction treatment centers are in the business of helping people recover. However, when it comes to marketing the facility, de-stigmatizing addiction to build trust with potential patients is an uphill task to many rehab centers. At the same time, rehab centers compete with one another fiercely in the market.

Despite the growing numbers of outpatient and inpatient addiction and recovery treatment programs, more people are dying annually more than ever in the US. According to CDC, drugs are responsible for 114 deaths daily, opioids leading. 

Healthcare marketing landscape could change this trend. Today, internet users in the US are approximately 280 million. Addiction treatment centers need healthcare marketers more than ever before. Keep on reading to find out why. 

Rehab Centers Need Digital Marketing

78% of Americans have access to the internet. That is where your clients are searching for information on addiction treatment centers, procedures, and scheduling appointments. Google estimates that 77% of patients searched online before scheduling appointments. Unless your rehab center ranks highly on Google, you may not get many clients. 

To improve your website ranking, search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary. Every addiction treatment center must utilize SEO to succeed in marketing. Keyword research plays an essential role in SEO. Healthcare marketers can sieve through thousands of keywords and decide which one is worth fighting for to improve your ranking. Once you command SEO, Google rewards you as a respected, authoritative website with a high ranking. 

Apart from SEO, rehab centers need content and social media marketing for high ranking. 


Addiction centers need networking with patients, other institutions and the general public to improve their services. That is achievable through social and professional interactions. 

Healthcare strategies aimed at creating healthy connections with clients are achieved if well executed. Strong patient relationships mean more referrals and more clients for your center.  To attain it, you must listen to your customers. 

Like it or not, working with other centers or organizations is helpful under certain circumstances. For example, when you want to refer patients or seek further assistance. In most cases, insurance is an issue. 

Insurance companies play significant roles in the medical industry. Sometimes, a client may have a policy that your facility can’t handle. You may need to refer the patient to another facility to get the help they need. Building a healthy relationship with other reputable rehab centers is crucial. No one does it better than healthcare marketers. 

Educating and Fighting Misinformation

New addiction treatment methods are frequently introduced. New strategies, products, and technologies imply educating potential clients and the general public about them. In most instances, blogging helps in keeping patients informed. An informed patient is more likely to make a decision. 

However, the internet is also a source of misinformation. Fighting misinformation is not a walk in the park. Rehab centers need to take the official position and provide credible, honest and reliable information to the general public. Trusted healthcare marketing agencies with a proven track record can help you achieve it. 

Addicts need excellent care and physicians who demonstrate compassion and confidence to help them recover. Rehab centers need to balance between de-stigmatization and getting many clients. All these make healthcare marketing crucial.