Paid Search Management

MD Media has worked for over a combined 15 years in the paid search space.  Managing paid campaigns of over $1 Million Dollars per month.  We have worked with the largest and the smallest firms and are able to maximize results with almost any budget. 

Paid Search Strategy

The key to any proper PPC Management campaign is to identify the true goal, then work backwards from the goal to actionable items. In the healthcare space, it is about getting the quality lead that terms into a patient or client.  This is done by understanding each demographic of each of our clients.  Who do you want to target, and why.  We take the time to listen to who you are trying to attract to your business, and build a strategy to work towards that goal. 

Paid Search Benefits

Paid Search with Google, Yahoo, and Bing is a great way to begin the lead generation process.  As SEO takes time, about 3-6 months) we use paid search to bridge the gap clients see.  Although the cost is higher through paid search, we are able to produce a positive ROI for each of our clients while the investment in SEO matures. As the Search Engine Optimization starts to show results, we work to cut costs within the paid platforms.  An example of this would be in the drug and alcohol treatment space.  

If you rank in Google for a keyword below the 6th position, you are not getting much traffic from it.  While the SEO is being worked on to increase the position of that keyword, we use paid search to get you to the top.  Once the keyword organically ranks (SEO is working), we remove that keyword from the paid list, as to not spend money we don't need.  

MD Media has a full team of paid search managers waiting to work with you to bring in more leads than you have seen before.  To learn more about this offering, give us a call.  We are here to help. 

After 6 months with an agency with no medical experience, we moved our PPC to MD Media. They revamped our program, and increased our calls by 33%. We finally saw a positive ROI through paid search.
— Adam M. - Owner of a NM Based Treatment Center