Medical Field SEO

Ranking locally for keywords that your prospects are searching for in Google can make or break a business these days.  If you are an addiction treatment center or cosmetic surgeon, these prospects could be worth over $30,000.  

Not ranking in the top 3 when people search for your services not only takes away opportunity from you, but gives it to your competitor.  That is why MD Media is here to provide you top level SEO at an affordable price.  

Search Engine Optimization starts out with extensive keyword research.  We need to identify what your specific clients are searching for in Google.  As this can change from state to state, this phase is extremely important.  It is also why working with an medical SEO company specifically is highly valuable. 

Once we know which keywords your prospects are searching, we build out local properties to help you rank highly.  We do a full review of all properties to ensure that all information matches and where your competitor is out performing you.  Then we fill in the holes, and write valuable content for 3rd party new sites, blogs, and industry publications.  This ensures your website ranks in the top 3 for your keywords month after month.  Delivering you more leads, and more patients. 

Medical SEO Pricing

Our Medical SEO pricing is based on your city and state, along with your field of practice.  The more compeditive the market, the higher the investment.  Monthly SEO fees start at $2,000/month and go up to $5,000/month or higher depending on the market and field of practice.  One option we do offer is our Lead Generation Package which includes a discount on SEO and is then a pay per lead model.  For those that don't wish to invest 100% upfront, this is what we recommend.  To learn more about what program would work best for you, give us a call. 

Our SEO has outperformed all other marketing channels to date. With increased calls and the intakes they resulted in, we have seen fantastic revenue growth over the 12 months working with MD Media
— John P. New Mexico Addiction Treatment Center